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Miniature Creations In Wood

About the artist

RenÚ Casault at the Ottawa woodworking show 2008.

At the age of 10, I received a Mecano set for Christmas and a full catalogue of heavy equipment from a visiting friend of my father's who was a sale representative for a heavy equipment manufacturer. Needless to say that my mind went wild with projects. This was the start of my passion for BIG Machines.  I always dreamed of operating these monsters but it never happened, still I had to contend with seeing them at work and figure out their functionality.

This childhood obsession has turned me into a technical minded person that needs to know 'How does it work" . From here my education was all technical and so were my hobbies. A 50 year hobby of building scale models, model trains 'N' gauge and a love for working with wood, is urging me to share these many years of pleasure with others as a business.  I work part time building my models out of a small shop in my basement and office.

I began building scale models in the sixties working part time as a student for a company that built exhibits for various shows. My first task was to build miniature houses and bomb shelters. This was important in learning to make miniature materials needed in this unique and wonderful small world. In 2007 I was introduced to wood model plans as gifts from family , with much support from my wife, my 3 sons and friends, I was encouraged to sell and offer my models and methods for others to enjoy and use. People that work around trucks and heavy equipment take a particular pride in their work and their machines. Their livelihood is dependent on that machine, and so the truck or piece of equipment has a very special place in their family and lives. I try to make an accurate, scale representation of the individual's equipment, including details unique to the manufacturer's specifications if available.  

All of my models are crafted from wood readily available in local stores, some are tricky to find due to size, the finish is natural or colored to match the manufacturers. No stains are used.  

These would be great for truck and equipment manufacturers, sales outlets, construction companies, spouses of operators, as retirement, promotional, corporate, anniversary, executive, and Christmas gifts. My work is small enough to be displayed in homes and offices with the minimum space available.


Please contact me if you would like a custom model built for you!