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You won’t find this anywhere else, yes 1/32 in. scale wood models. In a world of miniaturization, this site is dedicated to introducing wood projects that are possible to build anywhere with the minimum of facilities at a scale nowhere seen or offered before. You will have verything you need to get started.

These models are not toys to play with even if they are fully functional and can have most of the details of their parent monsters. The most important tools are patience, time, perseverance and satisfaction of doing something unique and gratifying that can be showcased anywhere since the average size is only10 inches.

A s the material used is small and mostly soft wood, it does not lend well to conventional displays but require very little storage space. 

T he materials are small and  take time and can take anywhere from 80 to 150 hours to build most of these depending how much details you wants to show. 

Each model is different and may require more information as to what you expect the completed model to look like. For this reason their is no pre-defined price for any specific model. The time to deliver a finished model will also reflect the time required to acquire the basic information.

If you consider the average time of 80 hours could be spent for this then at $10.00 per hour one could look at an average of $800.00 or as little as $400 for a model as per plan not painted with no special deco or wood changes. 

Actual prices are to be discussed, enquire by using the link in the catalogue related to the model you desire.

Remember that hardwood is not readily available in these sizes and does not lend itself well to this scale.

Here are the  wood models I presently may have on hand, click on the picture to see more details.



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