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Miniature Creations In Wood

Scale Plans

All Plans are to scale and can be copied directly to the materials or photocopied and pasted to the wood for cutting.

  1. These were created with an auto cad program for accuracy and show true 1/32" scale dimensions.
  2. A full material list is supplied. Some parts may be combined to facilitate the available stock material.
  3. Combined parts may be identified with different colors.
  4. Sections or sub assemblies are as a rule on the same page.
  5. Different assemblies or sections are on different pages A, B, C, etc.. as required ( see below).
  6. Some plans offer options to certain parts with different difficulty levels.
  7. The last page is reserved for tools, tips and jigs descriptions.
  8. Plans are 19" X 24" whiteprint and are copyright protected.
  9. Pictures may differ, in some cases, as the plans were modified after the pictures were taken.
  10. Plans were built with the availability of materials in mind.
  11. Plans refer to specific real machines, this is not to show any technical or competitive advantage of the actual machines.
    When the trade name is mentioned, the trademarks are the property of the specific company mentioned.


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